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tv   Journal  PBS  April 22, 2013 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> hello, and a very warm welcome. >> ahead in the show -- >> of the boston farmer -- boston bomber is charged. >> an unprecedented second term as it delete's president. >> a shock for germany's most successful soccer club. the president faces a tax evasion probe. the city of boston has been holding a silent vigil and
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remembered -- in remembrance of the attack one week ago. >> public life team to a halt at 2:50 p.m., the exact time the attack took place. three people were killed and more than 180 were injured when two homemade bombs went off to the finish line of therace. authorities say they have charged the one surviving suspect. he is in the hospital with serious injuries. >> federal prosecutors say he will face charges of using a weapon of mass distraction and malicious distraction of property resulting in death. he could face the death penalty. >> the suspect was charged while still inis hospital bed. he is unable to speak due to a gunshot wound in the throat, but that he can respond to questions in writing. the 19-year-old could face the death penalty if found guilty.
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investigators continue to search for evidence at the scene of the shootout that ended in his arrest on friday night. police say they found at least two more explosive devices. a sign that he and his brother were planning more attacks. as more evidence emerges of the older brother's radicalization, is increasing of the f b i -- of the fbi's failure to recognize the danger. >> he was listing radical areas. the fact that we could not track him has to be fixed. it is people like this that you do not want to let out of your sight. this was a mistake. i am not the laws are inefficient or if the fbi failed. >> they have said farewell to krystle campbell. she was one of three people killed by the bombs.
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>> we will turn our attention to italy. eight weeks after the parliamentary election system without the government, politicians remain deadlocked. but they have for -- they have agreed on a president. >> he has been sworn in as the -- in an unprecedented second term. he will face the task of breaking the political standoff. >> he has come out swinging in a speech before lawmakers were he criticized politicians for not pushing through key reforms and urged them to put a deal on without delay. >> taking the oath of office in parliament again. it was an emotional moment for him. >> i stand here as someone who entered this house at the age of 28.
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and every day since have taken a step toward the development of democracy. >> napolitano had harsh words for the bickering politicians. he said their maneuvering had prevented crucial reforms. italy has not had a government for nearly two months now. he said it was high time for lawmakers to put aside their differences. many hope the reelected president will be able to sway them to get moving. >> we hope they will be able to do things, despite the problem that everyone is against everything else. >> equity has done is is a great gesture for the italians. >> he is due to begin talks on forming a new government. if the discussions not get anywhere, he can dissolve parliament and call fresh elections. >> we are joined now live from
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rome by john hoover who has been following the developments. already some tough words. can he pull them out of political paralysis? >> i think he can. i think one of the conditions for accepting this mandate, as you said, at the age of 87, was that he would have cooperation from the parties in forming either a grand coalition which would include those less a democratic parties and the center-right freedom movement. people of freedom movement, or a democratic government that supports it by a wide band of parties involvement. >> the role of the president is purely ceremonial in italy.
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what does the public reaction been so far to israel action? >> his role is not really just ceremonial. he has two very important powers. he can dissolve our lament. he also is the man who decides who should try to form the new government. indeed, people are talking about this is a move towards a presidential style of government. generally, the appreciation is much respected and people are banking on his skills to try to move the country forward after this. of paralysis -- after this period of paralysis. >> ministers gathering in luxor today in areas under rebel control. >> they hope that oil exports
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will be an important source of cash for the opposition which is facing shortages. they are especially low on medical supplies. >> the struggle goes on. the rebels are fighting for oil production facilities. they already control some and the easing of the embargo aims to help them. -- believes that is more likely to strengthen the opposition. >> germany's position is that we are not convinced we should provide weapons. we are too concerned they could end up in the wrong hands. the hands of terrorists. but if some of our partners come to a different decision, we will of course respect that and try not to block it. >> the eu does agree that more humanitarian aid must be provided to serious and neighboring countries which are
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taking in refugees. >> it is really down to european policymakers to do something to create stability in the region and fight radicalism. >> eu ministers hope that easing will help to foster those goals and reduce the suffering of the civilian population. >> earlier i spoke to our brussels bureau chief who was in luxembourg covering the meeting for us. now that they have voted to lift the oil embargo, how quickly will that translate into concrete support for the opposition? >> it will take some time. we need to cooperate with the local authorities in those areas. the most important partner remains the syrian national coalition. this recently dismissed all
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political fundamentals by paving the way for further support. even after having lifted the oil embargo, a lot of technical work needs to be done. for example, how to ship the revenues back to syria as well as in brussels. it might prove impossible to start oil dwelling and oil exporting by a country riddled by a civil war. >> some eu members like france and great britain support the think the arms embargo. then there are countries like germany that opposed it. do you think that's might change? >> london and paris want to go ahead and ship to the rebels in order to start -- in order to stop the bloodshed as soon as possible. basically they all remain skeptical. they say no weapons means more bloodshed.
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they are afraid ease european- made it weapons could fall into the of islamist warriors. there is nothing new about this weapons discussion. many see it as much ado about nothing. at the end of may the embargo will expire anyway. unless it is prolonged, every country is free to ship and deliver whatever it wants to syria. >> the eu foreign ministers also dropped sanctions against myanmar. they say it comes as a response to a remarkable process of reform. one that they expect to continue. the decision comes just one day after the human rights watch earned them against -- urged them against the move. >> they are accused of engaging in at night cleansing against a muslim minority.
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>> muslim families have lived here for generations. last year's violence left their homes in ruins and many were forced to leave. scores of others were killed. the country's security forces have been accused -- the government refuses to recognize them as an indigenous ethnic group or grant them citizenship. human rights says the authorities were involved in a campaign of ethnic cleansing against the review me up. >> although there has been a tendency to describe the violence is purely communal as a reflection of deep-seated hatred, our findings confirm extensive state involvement in the planning of killing and forced displacement of population. >> the organization describes the violence acts as crimes against humanity saying that 125 muslims have been forced from their homes.
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the government has rejected the reports saying that the human rights watch does not understand the situation on the ground. >> today is not a good day to fly -- of the german carrier has canceled almost 1800 flights after a warning strike. >> it was called verity after another round of talks on a 5.2% pay increase that was ejected by management. passengers were delayed and many remained stranded on airports. >> many passengers had little choice but to sit and wait. the warning strike has disrupted flights at airports around germany and some travelers are growing impatient. >> i have no sympathy for the strike. worst of all, there is no -- counter to the re-bookings. it is terrible.
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>> passengers traveling within germany and europe have been hardest hit. many travelers swapped their tickets for train vouchers. in addition, they are not willing to work longer hours. they want socially acceptable solutions for those colleagues who are threatened with losing their jobs because we know that certain jobs will be cut in the coming years. workers want a pay rise of 5.2%. but they have rejected that. >> for a look now at with that strike has been doing to the airlines stock rice, we turn to our reporter in frankfurt. >> share orders have been much more relaxed. it belongs to the best performers. they hope the company and union will quickly reach a deal.
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in general, the positive turnaround is still not inside. but the lost momentum after disappointing corporate from the u.s. here is growing that the world economy will slow down once again erie it collect -- will slow down once again. >> the dax was up nearly 0.25%. the euro stoxx 550 was also up. over in the u.s., the dow jones is trading at 14,572. that is a slight gain. the euro is trading at one dollar $.30 at the moment. -- $1.30 at the moment. >> still ahead, a tax scandal rocks the world.
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we will be back in a moment.
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corexit welcome back. a scandal that has rocked the football world in germany. the country is -- the country -- the most successful team is under fire. >> he used a swiss bank account to hide millions of euros from tax authorities. he turned himself in at the beginning of the year in a bid to avoid prosecution. >> he is a successful businessman and one of the best- known faces in german football. the allegations have tarnished his public image. >> i have to pay tax on everything i earn. i think the same rules should apply to everyone. the authorities should follow it up. >> we do not have the same opportunities as rich people to hide money from authorities.
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>> angela merkel's spokesman said she felt let down because she knows him personally. >> there are many people who are disappointed. the chancellor is one of those people. it is more disappointed because he is a respected public figure. >> reports say he had said his hopes on the taxation treaty. the agreement would have allowed germans with undeclared money with swiss accounts to pay a lot son anonymously to avoid prosecution. the bill was blocked by the opposition. they now say his case shows they were right to stop the bill. >> tax evasion is not a trivial offense. tax evasion is a fraud. it is a crime. that is why we have opposed a tax treaty between germany and switzerland for a long time. >> but the government disagrees. it says the agreement would have brought in billions of euros in tax revenue. >> we would have very much preferred if we been able to force all of those who earn
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interest abroad to do their duty and pay tax on it. >> he says he turned himself in in january. that was before the -- if that was before the authorities were onto him, that'll that'll mean he escapes jail. >> a political correspondent joins us now from our parliamentary studios. the germany is quite unique in that it asks tax evaders to turn themselves and interns for a more lenient sentence. is that a method work? >> showing some leniency to perpetrators who come clean voluntarily has established principle of jury -- of prudence. it does not appear to be effective. tax cheaters do not appear to have a conscience very often. what seems to help his fear. it is when tax cheats feel the authorities are closing in on them that the risk is too great.
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that is when they turned themselves in. many believe that was the case with him. >> the government is also accused of using other slightly dubious means to catch tax dollars. for example, buying a legal data on tax dodges. tell us more about that. >> a couple german states have been buying cv's with data about germans who has secret swiss bank accounts. at that data is supposed to secret. in fact, it was stolen. the east german states hate millions of euros to get that data themselves in order to scare up the beast tax cheats. if tax -- many go the states are undermining their own principles by supporting purchases of stolen data. >> thank you so very much for your insight. >> while germany's political class is a flutter, his squad
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does have a gamecube play. what a game it is. >> if you have been paying any attention at all to soccer over the past few years, you will know that it's means trying to stop the world's best soccer player. he has a huge impact on any match. >> his work against the footwork of one of soccer's best. he barcelona star forward is a back. they say his team is ready. >> from what i have seen in spanish media and from what i have heard, he has been training as normal and he will start in tomorrow's game. i think we will be able to find a solution. >> stopping the attack is a special challenge.
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on the attack, him. both strikers scored two goals. the strikers will need to be on top form to beat our solana. >> with top teams going head to head, i think he has the right teamwork and players and his spirit to home tomorrow with a win. >> the president could use a win. given the problems he is facing off the field. >> coming up, china is already the world's biggest car market, but it is still not done growing. we take a look at the shanghai auto show. they gave their unanimous backing to the agreement which could and years of tension.
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negotiations should begin as soon as possible. >> the taliban in afghanistan has said they objected up to 10 people from a helicopter after it made an emergency landing south of kabul. there are conflicting reports on the nationality of the captains. the turkish government says eight of the passengers were from turkey. >> in india, a second suspect has been arrested over the rape and torture of a five-year-old girl. it has parts days of road test. demonstrators accused authorities of failing to prevent violence against women and girls. china, as i said, is the world 's largest market for cars. it has plenty of room to grow, yet experts say that by the year 2030 more vehicles will be sold in china than in north america, europe, and japan
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combined. >> no wonder everyone wants a piece of the action at the shanghai auto show. the competition is fierce. it is an attempt to make luxury more affordable, especially for chinese of buyers. it will be the driving force behind sales growth. so far, it has been unable to profit from car markets like china's. it'll be assembled in china in the hope of finding greater acceptance. >> you need the right balance. you do not have to make all of your vehicles locally, but a member of them. this will be one of them. that is good for the future success of this vehicle. >> mercedes is hopefully -- is hoping to replicate audi's success. hsn failed the new -- it's as unveiled the new sedan.
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the main target is china's growing middle class. >> the german car is about 100 years of development. the quality and the technology is more higher than chinese cars, especially than american cars. >> china has not been a boom for every carmaker. gm's troubled the brand has been trying to get in on the action. with just 5000 vehicles sold a year, it has been a loss-making adventure. >> computer games has -- have changed dramatically with a whole online world opening up to users as well as a thriving mobile game sector. >> it is given a lot of smaller editors the chance to shake up the market. we are getting a close-up look at the industry. it opens on tuesday.
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>> [indiscernible] >> if he did not catch that, it was a made-up language. it is a game that is not available on dvd anymore. now they only produce a downloadable online version. the basic version is free, but to make progress, players have to buy special weapons or horses. >> there are players who invest one or two euros a month. others who do not pay anything at all and some the put in over 100 euros per month. that is how they earn their money. they have around 300 million subscribers worldwide, but there is a lot of competition from the u.s. and japan. the makers did not not want to use anything that was historically incorrect but they have had to break their own rule. >> traditional german fantasy
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games do not allow cannons or zeppelins, but we have started using those kinds of things. it keeps the game fresh and is common practice on other systems. it gives us a variety and lets us build a diverse fantasy world. >> playing games and trying out new ideas all day may sound like a great job, but others have difficulties of finding staff. the branch is clark -- growing by 30% annually. the prospects are good for game developers. many of its students have arty set up its own company and the judges make gains on traditional platforms on computers and game consoles. they focus on newer markets with more possibilities like smart phones and tablets. games that can be played anytime, anywhere. >> and lots of mobile games are
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short and intense and quickly forgotten. the trick is to increase the long-term appeal which means constantly updating them, adding new features, more levels, and new skills. there are a lot of things you can do to keep players interested. games a developers have an easy time finding a job in berlin where 140 computer game companies are based. >> that is all for us from now. ask for watching. -- thank you for watching.
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